Le Financial Times relate des passages de la 5ème Full Mounir Party et décrit la campagne dans le XIXème :

Within seconds of opening the door of her apartment in a tower block in northern Paris, Jany Faucheux found herself looking into 10 smiling faces — young, old, black, white — urging her to vote for President Emmanuel Macron’s party in parliamentary elections this Sunday.

The 67-year-old former medical secretary, who has voted Socialist since 1981, was swiftly offered a leaflet, a card and a balloon with “En Marche!” written on it, the slogan of Mr Macron’s one-year-old party, before being whisked away barefoot for a group picture.

But Ms Faucheux barely needed convincing: “I am done voting for the left,” she says. “Macron is my last hope. If he fails, I am done voting completely.”

Lire la suite ici.

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